After the movies

March 12, 2010

Yesterday we went to the movies. I don’t know exactly why (not for the film, I can assure you), but we were extremely horny and the minute we got on the elevator, coming back home, we started kissing and he opened my shorts and pulled my dick out of my underwear. I was afraid someone would enter the elevator and asked him to stop, but as soon as we entered home we got back from where we left: he jumped on the sofa, already only in underwear, and I sat on top of him. He slowly took my clothes off, first my shirt, than my shorts. We kept kissing only in underwear, until he gave me a finger to lick so that he could finger me. I licked it and he introduced it in my ass, but it was a bit uncomfortable, since it was not all lubrified. So I went to our room and called for him. When he got there, I was lying in our bed, with the lubricant in my hand and my ass pointing up, in his direction.

“Finger me”, I asked.

He put a little lubricant in his fingers and a little in my ass hole and started fucking me with his hand. Than we changed position so that we could kiss while he fingered me: he was standing in front of me while I set on his hand and we kissed. Than he got my hand into my ass and we fingered me together, two, three finger of each hand. At that point, I couldn’t wait any longer and smeared lubricant in his dick. But he didn’t want to fuck me right away, so he kept fingering me and moved my head in the direction of his dick which, for the first time, I sucked even though it was with lubricant. I completely forgot about it and sucked like it was my last time.

Than he changed my position, he put me on my knees and elbows, and came from behind me. He started introducing his dick on me very slowly, but it got all inside in one blink. And so he started to really fuck me. We got a little violent at the point, since he wasn’t just introducing his dick in my ass, he was hamming my hole with his dick. It was heaven and I felt I was gonna cum every time I even touched my cock. Than we kept on that position, but I lay on the bed and he fucked me from above. I felt like my ass was gonna explode.

After a while, we changed position, he lay on the bed and I lay above him, moving up and down with my legs. From that, we kept changing, with me making moves round and round his dick. After some time, I finally sat on his dick facing him. He asked me to cum on his face and I did it just a few minutes later. The jets of my cum hit him while he masturbated. I did the same thing I had done the day before: licked my cum from his face and kissed him. When he was about to cum, I sucked his dick (yes, ass-to-mouth is becoming a regular thing…) and let his sperm hit my tongue and my face.

We were tired and with our cum all over our bodies. But yesterday night we didn’t take a shower, we just took a shirt that was in hand and cleaned the cum from our faces and from his belly. And than we went to bed… to sleep.



March 12, 2010

Sometimes we get stuck on a specific part of sex, we get so fascinated by it that we kind of forget other parts. Me and my boyfriend have been so desperate to get into the dick-in-ass part of it that we have, for a while, forgotten about the wonderful art of licking an ass hole.

The other day, my boyfriend was lying on our office’s sofa, only in his underwear, when I came in. I was pretty horny and jumped on him. We kissed for some time, those hot kisses full of tongue and spit. We were both hard and I took his underwear off. I went on the direction of his dick, but he pushed my head further in the direction of his ass hole. I put his leg up and stuck my head between his butt cheeks, introducing my tongue inside of his hole. That was delicious and even more because I haven’t done that for such a long time. The taste of his ass was wonderful and I wanted to keep eating him forever.

Than he asked me to lick my hole and I changed the position in order to allow him, but in a way that I wouldn’t stop licking him. So he lay on the sofa and I got above him, with my ass on his face and with my face on his ass, in an anal 69. We kept like that for a while; we have missed so much that feeling, that taste of our asses in our mouths.

After some time, I went to suck his dick while he started fingering me. He kept lying on the sofa while I was on my knees on the floor, with his dick in my mouth. It didn’t take long for me to desire that dick inside my ass, which was already begging to be fucked after the rimming and the fingering. So I set on him on the sofa and we were so horny at that point that it took five minutes for me to cum. I was sitting on him when I started cumming and after a jet of it hit his chest, he asked for me to cum on his face. I quickly jumped a little further and let the last few jets hit his mouth, his chicks, his beard… Than I started licking the cum on his face and kissing him while he came on his belly.

Than we took a shower together because we were full of sweat and spit and cum, and we watched tv in the living room, hugging on the sofa.


February 21, 2010

It was not sex, but today we were putting up a poster in our bathroom (the older one was destructed by the cats) and we were only in our underwear. He brought me a chair so that I could put the poster up. While I was on my feet in the chair, he pulled my underwear down and started kissing my butt and placing his face in my butt crack. I got hard immediately. I finished putting up the poster, while he kissed my butt, and I went down and sucked him for a few seconds. We couldn’t keep up because we were late for an appointment with at friend. =/ But we have all the time in world!

Welcome back

February 21, 2010

I went to pick my boyfriend up at the airport. As soon as we got home, still in the elevator, we kissed deeply, those kisses full or horniness, with our tongues going through the other’s mouth, chin, moustache… When we got home, we kept kissing. He asked me to wait for him to take a shower; after all, he had been traveling for 12 hours. I said yes, but I went to the bathroom so that we could take that shower together.

It happens that he didn’t want to wait. We began kissing again, already completely naked. He sat on the toilet, started sucking me and put his right hand in my butt, slowly getting closer to my ass hole. Than he asked me to get the dildo, which he hadn’t met yet. I got it and brought the lubricant along. He asked me to fuck myself with the dildo for him to see, which I immediately did. I lubed my ass and the dildo and started putting it inside me slowly, positioned with my back to him, so that he could see. He kept jerking off. The dildo got inside me easily and I kept fucking myself with it. Than I came closer to him again and gave him my dick for him to suck. He sucked me and started fingering me with four fingers at once. He took my hand and introduced four of my fingers inside me and we kept fingering me together (a total of EIGHT fingers) while he sucked me.

At this point I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to have his dick inside me. He was still sitting in the toilet so I set on him, facing him, looking into his eyes. His dick got inside me in a blink and I can say there is no better feeling. Dildo, fingers, whatever. Nothing gets closer to the fulfillment his dick gives me. I started going up and down on his dick and I could cum at any moment. Than my knees started hurting (yeah, I know, I’m an old boy…). So I changed my position, sitting on him with my back to him. It felt better for the knees and better for the ass. The fulfillment was even bigger. We kept going like that for some time. Than I stood up and asked him to fuck me with the dildo. He did, trying to get it as inside of me as possible. It felt incredible. But I couldn’t stay away from his dick much longer, so I sat on him again, going up and down nonstop. He pulled his dick off me after some time and started sucking me, while he put the dildo in my ass again. I said I was about to cum and he told me to do so. I came on his chest and belly and got on my knees to lick my own cum, while he came. We kissed, with my lips tasting like pure cum.

We took a shower together and went to sleep.

After one or two hours of sleep, our bodies kept touching and we woke up kissing. He said “get the lubricant”, I said “no”. I started sucking him and I left lots of spit on his dick. Than I spit on my mouth and spread it on my ass. It’s rare that we use spit, but that night I wanted to try. It was much easier than I expected and his dick got in very easily. I sat on him and kept fucking and being fucked by him. Than I laid beside him and he came from behind me. We fucked like that for some time, than he went back to lying with his dick up and I laid above him, on that weird position. We kept like that for some time and it is amazing how he likes it. It’s so cute! Than I went up, still with his dick inside me, and sat with my back to him. I kept like that until I came on my leg. I kept going, than he took his dick off, placed me lying on him, and jerked off until he came on his belly and on my left but cheek. We stood like that for a few minutes, breathing heavily. Than I got up, drank two glasses of water and came back to sleep with my body full of his cum.

Welcome back, my man.


February 18, 2010

Two days before he went on his trip, my boyfriend was a little too excited to be able to sleep in a normal time. Me, in the other hand, was very sleepy that day. So when it was around midnight, I went to bed while he stayed at the computer, searching for things to do on his trip. But I believe he was also looking for some porn because when he went to bed, one hour later, he woke me up with a huge bonner. I was sleepy and didn’t want to have sex, but than he asked me to “just suck it”. Well, how could I deny it?

There I went, his big hard on in my mouth. I sucked as if it was the first time, also jerking him off with my right hand. I put it in and out my mouth as he was fucking my face. His dick was full of my spit and than, just a few minutes after we started, he began to moan and came on my mouth. I didn’t leave one drop of his cum out of me, I just ate it all. That was something really rare, for him to cum with only me sucking him off. It was delicious.

Two days later he travelled. And I stayed home alone for 20 days, waiting for him. All, not completely alone, I had my new dildo. But I miss him and he’s coming home tonight and I’m sooo excited! It’s like Christmas eve!! I’ll try and come back here later to tell you, my two readers, how the welcome home fuck went.


We like it rough (sometimes)

February 18, 2010

The last sex with anal penetration we had before my boyfriend travelled was pretty rough. I don’t recall the details, even though I really wanted to. I just remember we fucked in various positions and that my ass was devastated. I remember one moment when I was lying on the bed and my boyfriend was lying above me, fucking my ass with violence and I took his hand and put it in my face. He understood my suggestion and slapped me hard, three times.

This slapping thing is funny. I’ve notice that recently it has really become some kind of a turn on to me. If I’m fantasizing about some one fucking me (be it my boyfriend or some perfect-god-guy I’ve created), a slap on my face is one of the first things to pop on that fantasy. Kinda weird for a guy who never thought about that, right? But as I say, it’s also pretty good to explore new territories. Anyway, I remember that day I came on his chest and ate my cum while he came on his belly, and than I ate his cum too.

Hand Part 2

February 18, 2010

So, back to our normal schedule…

When we got back home from that quick trip, one day after my boyfriend almost fist fuck me, it was night. We took a shower and went to bed. We started fucking and I think we both knew we were gonna try that hand in the ass once again.

I sat on top of him and his dick slid inside me in a second. I moved up and down, feeling his dick come out almost completely and than getting inside again. We fucked hard. But I was curious about what we were going to do after and asked him “Do you wanna finger me?” He said yes and I spread my legs as an invitations. He put his hand on my asshole, which was already pretty open, and started fingering me with three fingers. That went right away to five fingers and more. His hand was once again almost entirely inside me. He was fucking me with his hands and my dick was about to explode.

But that was only the second time we tried that and I think one have to have the ass muscles very, very relaxed so that a whole hand can get inside. I don’t believe it could happen on our second try, as it didn’t. His hand wouldn’t pass from a certain point, that one when the base of the fingers get together and it is all bones. But that was delicious anyway and I came on his chest with five fingers (and a little more) inside me.

It happened one month ago and I don’t remember how he came, I’m sorry 😦